The Freakin45 Ultra Compact Suppressor


The Freakin45

Everyone wants to be a gangster until things start to get loud. Well that doesn't have to be the case. Now you can snuff that noise like it was a back alley snitch with the Freakin45. From 450 Bushmaster to JMB's love child, this suppressor will keep your PCC tame and not alert the bar breakers about your Speak Easy.

-45 Caliber
-4 inches overall
-available in 5/8-24 or 11/16-24 threads
-1 5/8 inch diameter
-No blow back through the charging handle
-Made from 416 Stainless
-No Barrel Restriction
-Full Auto Rated
-Custom Serial Numbers are available upon request

Tired of your little gun having a big mouth? Thread on a Freakin45 and
quiet that thing down.


The Freakin45 will transfer to your NFA Dealer on a Form 3.

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