The Freakin45 Ultra Compact Suppressor

$299.00 $245.90

The Freakin45

Everyone wants to be a gangster until things start to get loud. Well that doesn't have to be the case. Now you can snuff that noise like it was a back alley snitch with the Freakin45. From 450 Bushmaster to JMB's love child, this suppressor will keep your PCC tame and not alert the bar breakers about your Speak Easy.

-45 Caliber
-4 inches overall
-available in 5/8-24 or 11/16-24 threads
-1 5/8 inch diameter
-No blow back through the charging handle
-Made from 416 Stainless
-No Barrel Restriction
-Full Auto Rated

Tired of your little gun having a big mouth? Thread on a Freakin45 and
quiet that thing down.

The Freakin45 will transfer to your NFA Dealer on a Form 3.

****Non NFA items must be purchased separately.

Follow these steps if you're ordering a Suppressor:

Choose UPS shipping at checkout

Once the suppressor is ordered/payment made online you'll need to find a local Class III dealer that you'd like to work with for your transfer (it will be mailed to them). Once you choose a dealer, please have them send a copy of their FFL & SOT to this email address (with your name/order# in the subject line). If your dealer needs this request to come from us, just let us know.  Once we receive copies of your dealer's licenses we can move forward and submit the Form 3 paperwork to the ATF.  Upon approval we will mail your suppressor to your dealer.  All tax stamp (Form 4) paperwork is handled through your dealer.   




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| Sean Eaton 12-02-2021 18:01

Great cans, but be fore warned that these will not work on a handgun!

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