SME Sound Mitigation Equipment Slimline


The SME is a highly effective Linear Comp/Blast Can that allows for excellent shot to shot recovery & incorporates an external shroud that reduces lateral auditory reports. The brake itself is machined from a single piece of 416 stainless and is tuned for efficiency without unnecessary weight. The three port design keeps the brake short, while allowing for an extremely high level of efficiency.
The outer shroud of the SME Slimline is made of the same rugged 416 stainless that the brake is milled from. When the unit is assembled it allows for complete control of dynamic recoil forces while keeping the pressure wave from the shot, downrange. This allows for maximum recoil control and a hearing safe environment for your Teammates or fellow shooters on the firing line.

Colors: Graphite Black or Flat Dark Earth 
Calibers: 5.56 .30 Cal, 6.5, 9mm and 45
Thread Patterns: 1/2-28 and 5/8-24 ONLY

| jeffery wilson 20-01-2021 22:29

great quality

| Dan Shea 19-01-2021 03:14

When 8 bought this slim line SME I wanted to chang it to the normal SME before I received it. However, once it showed up and I got a look at it on my Black Rain Ordnance AR pistol it looked so awesome. It cuts down on a few decibels but mainly pushes all the gas forward and away from everyone. I would absolutely buy this item again. Great buy and worth every penny.

| Caleb Robinson 14-12-2020 18:24

Best muzzle device I've ever tried. Certainly tames a 10.5" barrel more than i ever thought possible.

5 stars based on 3 reviews