The Big Body Tu-Tu-Three Ultra Compact Suppressor


The Big Body Tu-Tu-Three

You've heard it before, 'Bigger is better.' Usually that's true. One
place 'bigger' isn't better is short barrelled AR rifles and long
barrelled AR pistols. Confused yet? Good. The newest version of our
Ultra Compact Suppressor Family of fighting suppressors is a bigger
size body with a smaller hole. Introducing, the Big Body Tu-Tu-Three. The Big Body
Tu-Tu-Three is our 1/2-28 answer for your shortly endowed .223 caliber
long arms.

-.223/5.56 Caliber
-4 inches overall
-1/2-28 threads
-1 5/8 inch diameter
-No blow back through the charging handle
-Made from 416 Stainless
-No Barrel Restriction
-Full Auto Rated
-Custom Serial Numbers are available upon request

Tired of your little gun having a big mouth? Thread on a Big Body Tu-Tu-Three and
quiet that thing down.



The Big Body Tu-Tu-Three will transfer to your NFA Dealer on a Form 3.

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