Muzzle Management System (MMS)


We like simple. Sometimes to get simple, you gotta start over. We took
our extremely reliable and flat shooting MRE design and rolled out a new
competition brake, the Muzzle Management System (MMS) The Muzzle
Management System isn't just a new muzzle device, its a tune-able muzzle
brake that can be orientated without the need for a crush washer.
Additionally, the MMS can be angled to compensate for a variety of
shooting styles, even yours.

-416 Stainless Steel Construction
-1.125 inch diameter
-Adds 2.5 inches to the barrel
-Only 4 ounces
-No crush washer needed
-Can be re-indexed as situations dictate
-Black Nitride finish

Thread it on, tighten the outer ring and start sending the most accurate
shots of your next competition!!

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