Canooter Valve - Compact Suppressor


According to members of our family a Canooter Valve doesn't exist, kind of like a box of grid squares, Until NOW.

The goal was to produce a full auto rated suppressor that was hearing safe and make it the most compact unit available anywhere.  AND, keep the price of the suppressor and tax stamp under 500.00 so that normal folks can afford it.

  • .223/5.56 caliber, 1/2-28 threading (others pending)
  • 136dB at the shooters ear
  • 8.4 oz. 3.9 inches long (3.2" added length to barrel)
  • 1 1/8 inch in diameter
  • No blow back through the charging handle
  • Made from 416 Stainless
  • Full Auto Rated, 7" barrels and longer
  • FLASH HIDER machined into the end of the Canooter Valve
  • Custom Serial Numbers are available upon request (no extra charge).

These Canooter Valves will transfer to your NFA Dealer on a Form 3.

*We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm dealer information, and Serial Number.



| Big Tex 26-09-2020 13:27

I have mounted mine on a Springfield Saint Edge MSR and am very pleased with the results. Initially, I had to adjust the gas block in order to permit the firearm to properly cycle; this involved removing a non-variable screw in the gas block and replacing it with a variable screw --- this simple procedure, and all parts, were provided with the rifle at purchase and the how-to description in the owner's manual was easy to implement. After this adjustment, the firearm properly cycled with no further issues. Such adjustments are common with suppressor installation. The sound reduction is very good -- I still wear an ear plug in my left ear (I shoot right handed) but use no protection in my right ear. Of course, the firearm is still loud but I absolutely consider it to be hearing safe. That said, if the shooter desires to engage in very rapid fire usage, I would suggest usage of ear protection in both ears just to be safe. In any event, again, I stress that the sound reduction --- especially in light of the size, weight, and price of this suppressor --- is very good. Using Lehigh Controlled Chaos 62gr from Gorilla, this firearm is extremely accurate and a pleasure to use in the field. Fed Premium 69gr Sierra Matchking LE Tactical also pairs very well, very accurately with this firearm. In short, the Canooter Valve is a great product.

| David Bonomo 18-04-2019 15:29

Very effective for a small can. No change to carbine balance or handling characteristics. Barrel can be cleaned with unit installed.

4.5 stars based on 2 reviews