The Dirty .30!!! - 30 cal Compact Suppressor


After countless calls about our Canooter Valve being too tight (.223/5.56), we fed it some Wheaties and opened it up to .30 Cal. The Dirty Thirty is meant to swallow your larger caliber rounds. Hearing safe on a Bolt action 300WM hunting rifle so your 300Black Out will sound like a gaseous emission. Just like our original Canooter Valve, the Dirty Thirty was designed to be compact, robust and still keep the cost of owning a suppressor under $500 including the cost of a NFA stamp.

- 4" Overall length
- .30 Cal 5/8-24 threading
- Other Calibers upon request
- 1 5/8" Diameter
- 13.9 Ounces
- NO BLOWBACK through the charging handle
- Made from 416 Stainless
- Full Auto Rated
- Custom Serial Numbers are available upon request (no extra charge).


These Dirty Thirty's will transfer to your NFA Dealer on a Form 3.

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