.30 cal Muzzle Rise Eliminator Muzzle Brake

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Virtually Eliminates Muzzle Rise for Follow-Up Shots!!!

Our New Muzzle Brake for the AR 10 style rifle has been independently tested to essentially eliminate muzzle rise for follow up shots. This brake WILL keep the barrel down during repeated firing. These are made from 416 stainless bar stock and Cerakote coating is available.

******These are the brakes that we took to Industry day at the SHOT Show this year. The reviews were fantastic. The target dot on an AR with a red dot optic can be held on the target through rapid firing. As one media guy put it, "This is amazing, the sights just sit there!"******

These are threaded 5/8-24, 9/16-24, and M14-1 LH and bored for any caliber.

*A new Crush Washer is included with each brake for proper indexing*

Our Muzzle Brakes are made to order!

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| Bassam Salameh 22-05-2018 21:16

Great addition to my 300 BLK 16 inch barrel. I had originally put a Troy Industries Claymore muzzle break which did not really do much except redirect the noise away from the shooter. GREAT difference when I put this one on; groups became much tighter and almost completely eliminated felt recoil and kept it on target. Louder, maybe, but you are at a gun range after all. Yes, there wasn't much recoil in the first place but sure made a difference in grouping. I already have one on my 5.56 with similar results, and will be putting one more on my M&P in 308. I wish they made one for the 6.5 Grendel and Creedmoor (please let me know). Thank you Ken and Co. for these well-engineered USA-made products.
Date Added: 10/05/2015

| Tony Ojeda 22-05-2018 20:57

Well, I just fired a few rounds with the Witt .308 MRE. As advertised, this bad boy reduced the muzzle rise to zero and reduced felt recoil 80% (compared to the stock DPMS GII AP4 brake). Very pleased, very pleased indeed!
Date Added: 12/24/2015

| Andrew Mitchell 22-05-2018 20:39

I've been searching for a good brake for my .308 Howa 1500 Custom for a real long while to help stabilize for both recoil and returning follow ups when I seen the MRE30. After reasonable consideration of the idea of control of recoil and muzzle rise. I decided why not lets give it a try. I received the product alot sooner then the estimated time of shipping which I was very impressed. Once installed I went to the range and man was I blown away by the outstanding performance of the MRE30. I not only had a 5rd group no bigger then a quarter at 300yds, but I could see where my shots hit without the recoil removing me from my line of site to the target. The recoil was dramatically reduced and what little recoil I received came straight back with no rise at all.

In short I will continue to use the MRE Brake on further projects as well as highly recommend it to friends and other shooters, that happen to take in an interest to both its design and performance. Thank you, you guys for giving me this experience and making an outstanding product. You will definitely see me again & keep up the great work.
Date Added: 03/16/2016

| Dustin Fraker 22-05-2018 20:02

Bought this about 2 years ago and have put about 200 rounds through it. I'm shooting a Rem700 .308 AAC and its amazing. I can put 10 shots through it in no time and I can stay on target the whole time. FYI its really loud without ears!!
Date Added: 11/12/2016

| Jason Grady 22-05-2018 19:50

Put one of these on a 25/45 sharps AR-15 upper. It works great I recommend them to everyone that has a AR.
Date Added: 04/09/2017

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